"Elevate: Push Beyond Your Limits and Unlock Success in Yourself" by Robert Glazer

"Change Your Brain, Change Your Life" by Daniel G. Amen

Living on Your Own Terms by Osho

"The Power of Your Mind: 7 Hidden Keys" by Mario R. Flores

"Winning From Within" by Erica Ariel Fox

"Balance - It's Yours If You Want It" by Suzie Doscher

"Tiger Woods" by Jeff Benedict (New York Times #1 Bestseller)

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Work Optional: Retire Early the Non Penny-Pinching Way by Tanja Hester

Too busy to read, then listen to books on-the-go with amazon audible

"Parent Power" Bite Size Lessons in Kid Size Bites Nourish 7 Essential Qualities Within Early Age Children

"Be Happy: Release the Power of Happiness"

"The Magic of Thinking BIG" By David J. Schwartz PH.D

"Make What You Really Want Happen" By Chris Friesen, PH.D.

"The Fight in You" By Marz Bishop

"Motivation in 7 Simple Steps" By Tuchowska

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