"The Art and Science of Mindfulness" by Shauna L. Shapiro

"Tiger Woods" by Jeff Benedict (New York Times #1 Bestseller)

"Reinvent Yourself" By James Altucher

"The Power of Your Mind: 7 Hidden Keys" by Mario R. Flores

"Balance - It's Yours If You Want It" by Suzie Doscher

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Work Optional: Retire Early the Non Penny-Pinching Way by Tanja Hester

Too busy to read, then listen to books on-the-go with amazon audible

"Standing Up For Standing Out" by Nathaniel Lambert, Ph.D.

"Parent Power" Bite Size Lessons in Kid Size Bites Nourish 7 Essential Qualities Within Early Age Children

"Be Happy: Release the Power of Happiness"

"Off Balance on Purpose: Embrace Uncertainty" by Dan Thurman

"The Magic of Thinking BIG" By David J. Schwartz PH.D

"Make What You Really Want Happen" By Chris Friesen , PH.D.

"The Fight in You" By Marz Bishop

"Motivation in 7 Simple Steps" By Tuchowska

"The POWER of POSITIVE THINKING" by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

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