The Law of Attraction – How to Attract Positive Outcomes in Your Life by Kelli Cooper

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law of attraction
The Law of AttractionWhile there is no one tool that every person ‘must’ use in their personal development work, or to aid in energetic transformation so you can get your much-desired ‘stuff,’ I am a huge proponent of meditation, and I recommend everyone at least give it a fair shake to see if something clicks.
I first started meditating probably about 13 years ago, and while I can’t say I developed a consistent practice right out the gate–lots of stops and starts–I never went too long of a stretch without doing it at all.
The Law of Attraction – How to Attract Positive Outcomes in Your Life by Kelli CooperMeditation is probably tied with the law of attraction as the thing that has had the most positive influence on my life, and I think it is an excellent tool for energy management and the inner exploration that is key to making real, meaningful shifts in your vibration.
This post is going to discuss how meditation may benefit you as well as some tips for those who may be new to the practice or who have been doing it but are struggling in some way.
All the craziness of our mind–the anxiety, the fear, the racing thoughts, the negative emotion and all that other fun stuff–is not really who we are. That shit is all of the mind, the ego. We mistakenly think that is who we are, and strongly identify with all of that. We get caught up and sucked in.
But who we really are is always operating at the highest vibration possible; it sees the true nature of reality; it sees how we are supported. It sees how everything is okay no matter what. It sees our perfection. It doesn’t worry. It is not fearful. It is always in perfect alignment.
Meditation helps create a space from which our ‘higher’ mind can observe what our ‘lower’ mind is doing. It is almost like being a third-party witness to the madness. We are not part of it, we are separate from it, watching it from a distance. We are not getting drawn into the stories, the meanings, the conclusions and the decisions our mind is cooking up.
This ‘detachment’ is very helpful from an energetic perspective because the negative thoughts and feelings aren’t as much as a problem as we think they are–we all have them.
The problem is the ‘charge’ we give them when we pay them too much mind, when we resist them, when we judge them, when we put too much effort into ‘trying’ to change them, when we get sucked into their ‘vortex..
When we create this space in our mind to observe these inner workings, when we remember that part of us isn’t the true us, that ‘charge’ goes away. The energy of these thoughts and feelings isn’t as strong. The thoughts and feelings come and go more quickly and with less ‘fanfare.’
This benefit is not just limited to when you are actually sitting in meditation dealing with the thoughts in that moment–this is something that will carry over into all your waking moments, and this is huge from an energetic perspective. It enhances the law of attraction.
How much better does it feel to make the goal of this ‘work’ not to eliminate your ‘negative’ thoughts and feelings, but to respond to them differently? How great is it to know that one of the most powerful tools to help you do this can be done anytime, anywhere and doesn’t cost a dime?
The Law of Attraction – How to Attract Positive Outcomes in Your Life by Kelli Cooper
Remember the law of attraction is not a tool you can use to manipulate reality, it is something that has been operating in your life the whole time. With this in mind, a big part of energetic shifting will involve getting a better handle on what may have been going on in your energy up until this point, which led to whatever is going on now that you don’t like.
This doesn’t mean you have to iron out every ‘kink’ in your energy, but you have to know what you are working with, the space from which you are entering this ‘work.’
Just trying to get ‘positive’ without looking at what is going on now usually has limited effectiveness as many of you may have seen.
This is the exact reason why people say they struggle so much with feeling better–you are fighting against some pretty strong energies now that have been around for a long time, and may be so deeply ingrained you don’t even notice them anymore.
law of attractionYou simply don’t feel very good right now, and if flipping that switch emotionally was something you were able to do, you would have done it a long time ago. Who would choose to be unhappy if they could just get happy at any time?
Because we are in such a rush to get our stuff, to achieve the energy we think we ‘must’ have to get what we want, we often approach this inner exploration in a rushed, anxious state, wanting to ‘fix’ things as quickly as possible.
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And just like any other instance where the main energy is one of resistance, of trying to force things, it doesn’t seem to work very well.
Meditation is great for this inner detective work because it helps reduce the anxiety, fear and other energies that can block the ‘discovery’ of the fears, feelings, beliefs and perspectives that aren’t serving us.
It quiets the mind and in this calmer state, the answers reveal themselves with very little ‘searching’ on our part. Everything we need is truly within–this isn’t just some personal development cliche at which we are wont to roll our eyes. The silence of meditation allows us to establish that connection, to access that wisdom we all know deep down.
It helps reveal your true feelings about your life and yourself, and if you are willing to engage with that information, rather than just push it to the side, you are on track to making real changes in your energy and well-being; you are opening the door to significant healing.
And these energetic transformations have no choice but to be mirrored back to you in some shape or form.
Our energy is going to be greatly influenced by how we move through the world, how we handle the things that happen to us.
How we respond or react is indicative of how we are thinking and feeling, what we believe, what perspectives we hold, whether we are choosing ‘beneficial’ energies like trust and love, over ones that do great damage, like fear.
Meditation helps calm our mind. It gets us out of ‘reaction’ mode. It helps us break up the habitual thoughts and feelings that tend to get triggered when things happen we don’t like. We take a beat and can consciously decide how we want to respond.
This calming of the mind, the space it creates, aids us in choosing the perspectives, thoughts and feelings that serve us. And even in the moments when our initial response may still be the fear, anger or whatever else, that aforementioned ‘charge’ is lessened.
We break the habit of reacting in ways that will just add more fuel to what isn’t serving us, the beliefs, thoughts and feelings that have contributed to the ‘unwanted’ in our life.
This conscious choice is not a one- and- done- type thing. It would be nice if it was. Consciously choosing to embody the energies that serve us, the perspectives and beliefs that will serve us, is something we are called on to do over and over again. We will always find this way of looking at the world, ourselves and the various aspects and experiences of our life challenged, and will be faced with that choice yet again.
Because this is the key to changing beliefs, something we over-complicate the hell out of, something we struggle with so much. It is simply choosing to believe what serves us. Do that enough and your belief system starts changing. But like I said before, this is a choice that is made over and over, not just once.
When we are in ‘respond’ mode we consciously choose responses that serve us, we get an opportunity to adopt the perspective that will feel a hell of a lot better than the one your mind probably jumped to immediately.  We get the chance to give them some momentum so they become more dominant.
For example, an unexpected car repair might normally send you into a tailspin, triggering all sorts of fears about your finances, that you’ll never get ahead, you’ll never bank any savings.
But in ‘response’ mode you can consciously choose to adopt a better feeling perspective.
Yeah, it kind of sucks you have to dip into your fledgling savings account, but at least you have the money to pay for it. You really need your car and it’s good you can get it fixed; you don’t have to rack up any more credit card debt.
Spending money doesn’t mean losing money and more where that came from.
And in that moment, you took away power from the perspectives on money that don’t exactly lend themselves to getting more of it, and banked some energy behind the ones that will.
The Law of Attraction – How to Attract Positive Outcomes in Your Life by Kelli Cooper
The real goal of meditation, at least in my opinion, is not emptying your mind of all thoughts, but creating that space where you can observe what is going on in your mind without judgment, attachment, or criticism.
So don’t feel like you need to shut off your brain. You can’t. But over time, you will likely find that the volume gets turned down considerably, and your mind does feel ‘emptier.’
As a meditation, or any other inner work you are doing, helps calm you, you don’t experience that raging river of thoughts constantly. The ‘quality’ of your thoughts can improve, and you might not find yourself thinking in ways that you were before, about things that really stressed you out, made you angry, etc…
Also, it can be helpful to remember that sitting in meditation didn’t speed up your racing thoughts–that is how our mind is always functioning but we just don’t notice it because we are engaged in all sorts of ways throughout our waking moments–working, talking, watching TV, exercising,etc…
Removing yourself from all stimulation and distractions simply brings you face to face with what has always been there, and it can be uncomfortable as hell. Sitting with that can feel almost unbearable, especially if you think you are tasked with bringing all that chatter to a complete halt, and you’ll come up with any excuse to leave.
You just have to start cleaning out your closet right now, a task that has gone unfulfilled for the last year. You must put away the laundry that has been sitting in the dryer all week right this instant. The payments for bills that aren’t due for another whole month must be scheduled online right this moment.
Make peace with your mind and how it operates–that is a much easier goal.
If you have never meditated before, it might be a stretch to dive right into long sessions and/or meditate daily.
Like any positive change we are trying to make, we want to distinguish between trying to be consistent, and pushing through discomfort, and forcing yourself to do something at a level and intensity which is not sustainable right out the gate.
The latter just leads us to give up sooner than later, usually permanently.
So, while you may envision yourself sitting in meditative bliss for 60 minutes a day in full lotus position, maybe start off with five or ten minutes. And as you get more comfortable with the practice, with being with your thoughts and feelings, slowly add on time.
As the meditation starts bringing things to the surface, you might be tempted to stop, If you do, don’t beat yourself up. Just go back to it when you feel inspired to.
Think of the long-game here. You may have lots of stops and starts before it becomes a consistent practice, a part of your life you can’t imagine being without. This is true of any change. Do your best not to get too caught up in adopting the various changes you want to make just in the name of getting your ‘stuff.’
Also, take each session for what it is. While you will certainly notice a general trend of going deeper over time, feeling a more profound connection to ‘all that is,’ seeing the true nature of reality and yourself, and all that jazz, you may still have sessions where you feel like you are doing nothing but sitting in silence as your mind tortures you with its endless chatter.
The theme song to Spongebob Squarepants will pop into your head for no reason and you can’t get it out…this actually happened to me once.
You might also want to experiment with different types of meditation. Some involve mantras, focusing on an object like a candle or your breathing. There is walking meditation.
While it isn’t a form of meditation I do daily, I have found Vipassana meditation very helpful, especially if you have a racing mind, because it involves focusing on the sensations of the body. It kind of gives your brain something to do.
Also, the benefits of meditation can be achieved in other ways–the key is getting into the silence, calming the mind and gaining greater awareness of your inner world. This might be a walk in nature, just sitting quietly looking out the window,etc…
So if you don’t feel drawn towards meditation or you give it a try and you truly don’t resonate with it, consider another way to get into this sort of space.

About The Author

Kelli Cooper was first introduced to the Law of Attraction teaching through her boyfriend, now husband Ryan. Something resonated deeply, like it was information I had always known but just didn’t ‘know, know.’ Once she consciously applyied the Laws of Attraction in her life, its impact proved that her inner world consciousness had the power to create positive experiences and outcomes in the world around her. It stood to reason I that she had ALWAYS been creating her reality from inside, including the “icky” stuff she didn’t want or like. Once she learned how to connect these energetic dots within herself, the affect was profound.

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